22 Jun

Almost there

It’s been a hectic few weeks, preparing for tomorrow evening’s concert at the Black Box. Photoshoot, set-list, rehearsals, website, poster and leaflets, online promotion, etc… We’re hoping that our work pays off, and that we’ll see many of you tomorrow evening 🙂

04 Jun

Fintan, Rudy and Jose with Samy Daussat

Hello everyone.

We’ve been working on the tunes this Saturday, and the set really does sound great.

Here’s one of the tunes that is part of the set: There will never be another you.

The video was shot by Irene Ypenburg at last year’s Django sur Lennon festival, and features Fintan, Rudy and Jose of the Hot Strings Quartet, as well as Samy Daussat of course. Enjoy 🙂

31 May

Rudy and Jose with Dario Napoli and Paulus Schäfer at Django sur Lennon 2017

I thought it would be a good idea to post a few videos featuring the musicians of the Hot Strings Quartet. Let’s start with Rudy on violin and Jose on double bass, playing here with Dario Napoli and Paulus Schäfer. The was recorded in October 2017 at the Gypsy Jazz festival Django sur Lennon.

Check this year’s Django sur Lennon, with Stochelo Rosenberg, Tchavolo Schmidt, Samy Daussat and Romain Vuillemin among others.


22 May

Website launched!

One month to go before the concert and our website is finally up and running.

You can find information on the band and the musicians, and there will be news and updates on our blog.

We’ll try to post recordings, photos and videos when possible.

Enjoy! 🙂